Hello to all you strong women out there! I am a first time mom with a beautiful little boy! I am a stay at home mom trying to reignite my passion of writing, and what better way to do that than writing about my day to day motherhood life. I plan to keep it real, by sharing the fun, exciting moments, as well as the tough, messy moments. Because, this is what life really is like. It’s not always perfect, so welcome to my imperfect page and my imperfect life. 🙂 I hope here you can find someone to relate to or somewhere to find comfort if you feel like you’re down to your last strength.

Currently I live in Massachusetts, and if you don’t know where that is, that is the State of the Boston tea party, and where the pilgrims first landed. We experience all four seasons, whether its the sweating sun, the blossoming flowers, the beautiful foliage, or the freezing snow globe. We are close to the beaches, the lakes, the rivers, mountains, and hills. So pretty much it’s a perfect place to live, as long as you don’t mind experiencing all the weather conditions.

I come from a big family of four brothers and three sisters, where I am the second youngest , second to be married, and second to have children in our family.

One “About” post will not capture everything about me, so just follow along and get to know me a post at a time!

It’s not always picture perfect 🙂